Abbey Park

As the summer is shortly approaching, and the sun is shining, it is the time for going to the park. It’s one of my favourite things to do and it’s so lovely. I honestly think it’s a great day out. Me and some friends decided to go to Abbey Park in Leicester. We have literally wanted to go for so long now and just to go explore more of Leicester since we started university. As the weather looked good on Friday, it was the perfect day to go have a nice picnic in the park. We thought it would be silly not to go this year, considering we live a lot closer than we will be next year. IMG_5841

It was probably about 26 degrees so it was pretty hot. When we first got there, we went straight to the animals. They have such a cute animal area. I think it was called ‘The Pets Corner’. They had rabbits, goats, chickens, birds and some others. I don’t think I’ve actually seen chickens before and I don’t know what I was expecting but it was different. I definitely won’t be eating any chicken soon (even though I don’t actually like it anyway). There were so many of them! I am personally an animal lover and just seeing little animals chilling was adorable.

It’s also quite a big park. I didn’t realise there were so many different areas you can go explore. There was a path which had dragon stands on the top. It was oriental which is quite nice. A few bridges were thrIMG_5892oughout the pathways with trees and a small flow of water beneath. It honestly felt like I was on holiday for a moment. It felt quite relaxing. We stopped for a bit to have a little photoshoot haha. The lightning was so cute and just fit in with everything. I think they called this part the “friendship garden’ or something similar. All the trees make it look so beautiful. I would recommend it to anyone.

They also have one of those exercise areas where people can use different equipment provided. I personally don’t use them, but people seem to enjoy it. There was also a play area where we decided to embrace our inner childhood and play around. We didn’t get too many looks, haha.

As it was a park, there were plenty of places to sit, lay down a blanket, and have some food. Considering it’s been one of the hottest days for a while, there wasn’t as many people as I thought. The heat always makes me want to start eating healthy. So for our picnic, we had a normal and fruit salad, some snacks and water. We ended up buying some ice cream from the cafe. I honestly don’t understand why it was around £1.70 for a 99. Since when was this a change. I’m sure it was called 99, because it was 99p. But it tasted so good so i’m kind of going to let that go.

I still find it hilarious that a friend got sunburnt after this day. But it was going to happen. Other than being exhausted from all the walking, it was a cute day spent with cute people. We’ll probably have another trip there again soon.

🙂 Happy Summer



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