Film · Review

Walter Mitty

Starring: Ben Stiller

Director: Ben Stiller

Writer: Steve Conrad


This 2013 screenplay directed by the main actor himself, Ben Stiller, isn inspirational film that I have only just come to watch recently. The motion graphics was fantastically done and has had several mentions. The cinematography, by Stuart Dryburgh, of this film is fantastic, so I thought I’d give it a watch. Despite the fact I dislike Ben Stiller as an actor and I am not a fan of his work, this adventure filled drama was captivating.

Mitty as a character, had a different lifestyle as an adult from his ‘zoning out’ but still has a huge character behind his day dreams. He even manages to talk to the woman he has an interest for at work. I did not think this was going to happen, just like any basic love story about a shy guy, they are always awkward and jittery. But this first meeting with his colleague felt so natural and you could really see a bond between them which I haven’t really seen in many films before. And I am a real sucker for romance movies. And the fact that he had something in common with her son was adorable, of course they had to ad that little detail in just to make it more cute and romantic.

When I got told about this movie, I wasn’t really sure of what as going to happen. Then he travelled to Greenland and Iceland and I generally thought he was daydreaming. Turns out it was all real and it felt so surreal to see him go out of his comfort zone just for this one reason. But you know that it is not just for that one reason, they added in the back story of the dating website and where he hasn’t been anywhere much which makes a boring profile. It’s like he’s trying to prove himself more, for himself, for this girl, and for someone he admired so much.

I think I was honestly surprised because I have not seen Stiller perform that sort of character and it was brilliant and mesmerising. It was slightly relatable in a way, I want to say but it is nothing like my life. But more of a life, eye opening, realisation type of movie. Like it was created to show a point of even a point of view, to change or do more with your life. One of my goals in life is to visit Iceland and to be honest, I was slightly jealous and maybe this movie gave me this look on life and could leave others with different points of view, but either way, stories that have a real style to it, potentially change your point of view. Mitty could be any of us.

“Stop Dreaming. Start Living.”

A great quote to live by and inspirational.




Can you imagine meeting an idol of yours who you have been talking to for 16 years but haven’t met. I felt a breath of relief and happiness that he finally got to where he wanted to be and wanted to find. Even though he didn’t find out what he wanted, he found Sean O’Connell, from all his travels, he did it. And he had the determination to do it.

Even as an adventure film, the movie is calm and slow flowing but in a good and non-boring kind of way. It is filled with new experiences and challenges that you feel like you just want him to succeed. The main thing I loved about this was the soundtrack. It’s one of the most important part of a motion picture in my opinion. The music drew me in and set the scenes perfectly. Theodore Shapiro genuinely did an amazing job of creating and feeling the scene.

The comedy aspect was light hearted and I quite enjoyed that considering the other details. The E-Harmony guy was a little highlight of random parts. It’s so unexpected but great at the same time! The mixture of this, the adventure and drama make this whole movie intriguing and definitely worth a watch!


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