A new lifestyle 🌱

It’s 2018! This brings new years resolutions, and this means a chance to constantly improve and achieve all those goals. One of the main things I want to do is change my lifestyle to a no waste life. In this day and age, everything comes in packaging so I will do the best I can, and probably call it a less waste lifestyle. But this just means everything I get can be biodegradable or recyclable, so no plastic! I watched so many videos of people starting and giving advice on little changes that can be made which don’t even seem too bad! Just changing to a bamboo toothbrush or biodegradable toilet roll is providing less waste.

It’s strange because I’ve never been that aware of these things before, don’t get me wrong, I’m aware of what we’re doing to the environment, but you would count a toothbrush just as an essential. But the only difference is the materials to make the same products. It really was not that hard to change over.

I started using Ecosia, which is a search page, basically google but they plant a tree every time you make 45 searches! It puts a smile on my face just knowing that spreading a bit of knowledge can make a difference and knowledge is power, which is what I learnt in 2017. In the year, I tried a meat free and cruelty free lifestyle and using cruelty free products actually helped my skin! Natural products work so well and I’m so so glad about that.

I’ve been watching more documentaries lately, which I’m sure I’ve mentioned, and they are so eye opening. You wouldn’t believe how much cows effect climate change from the methane they produce. I’m pretty sure people can live without or less beef. On the larger scale of things, I really never saw the big need for this meat but demand and supply. It’s all for the businesses. But documentaries give so much information and I generally thought they were boring when I was younger, but who knew I’d take such an interest in them now.

Anyway, 2018, the start for new experiences, knowledge and power. Lets hope this human race won’t make worse decisions, and make this year great!


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