DIY Clouds ☁️

In the theme of this blog and just for fun, I made some DIY cloud decor! I’m not an expert in DIY projects, but once in a while, I try, and it doesn’t turn out too bad. But this actually turned out quite well, so I thought I’d share my efforts.

I’m sure I saw someone on Pinterest or some online media site try this out but I can’t remember so I kind of made up my own way of doing this which seemed a lot simpler than what I found online.

IMG_0554What you will need!

  • Cotton balls or Quilt batting (You can get different colours if you want!)
  • White thread and needle
  • Scissors
  • Clear tape


How to make!

Here, I use cotton balls, but you can use quilt batting instead which is pretty much the same but not in balls!

You can also use however many balls you want to create the size cloud you want. I used about 8 for each cloud.

  1. Take a cotton ball and out it apart gently. You want to make the ball fluffy but not too much that it falls apart.

  2. img_0497.jpgOnce you have pulled a few apart, cut the thread to how long you would want it to hang off the ceiling. I changed the height throughout for some difference but approx. 30cm.
  3. Make sure you tie a knot at the bottom of the thread so the cotton balls stay on! Then thread img_0517.jpgthrough the needle and you can now start to attach all the cotton balls together! You can do this in different directions and angles for fluffiness in all of it.

  4. After you have done that, go through the cloud and sew the parts of the cloud that seems loose to create more of that shape you want. You should try and end near the top so wherever you want it to hang from.


  5. Tie another knot at the top of the string where it will hang from.
  6. Rip a bit of tape off and stick on the knot and then stick on the ceiling. It can go wherever looks good in your room!

This is what the end result looks like!






Now you can make a sky full of clouds in your bedroom! Keep your head up in the clouds.




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