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Time ⌚️

I got a watch recently. Random. But incredibly useful and yes I have a phone, but somehow, taking a phone out of my pocket seems like more effort. Even though it is deemed to be high tech and everyone uses it for the time, a watch seems more practical. It didn’t seem worth it, but the amount of times I wished I had the time right in front of me, I thought it was finally time. I did not even mean for that to be a pun. 

Since I’ve had mine, I have had a lot of people question the way I wear it, why I wear it on the hand I wear it on, which way I have it on and I never thought it was such an issue. I know that you’re meant to have it on your non-dominant hand so it doesn’t get in the way and on the top of the wrist facing up, but I do the complete opposite. I am right handed, but partly ambidextrous and have my watch on my right, and have it on the palm side of my wrist. It was just the easiest way for me, especially because my arm naturally sits on that side facing upwards.


But the comment I got was, women have their watches on their left hand and men wear them on their right hand. I mean I knew there was some kind of gender role in this factor but did someone seriously still believe this? I honestly got judged by someone because of where I wore my watch. Apparently it was because women do all the housework and therefore do not want the watch to be ruined. It is more about your dominant hand these days, but it brought up a conversation about why mens and women buttons are the opposite way round. This is because women put on mens shirts for them and so it was easier for it to be that way around. The world has become more of an equal place for men and women but the hierarchy is still there and the gender gap is still peering.

I feel like I have become a bit more of a feminist this year, more because of the comments I get and people get about what I can’t do because I am female. It baffles me why a large handful of the human race can do what they want despite what gender they are. Even such a small thing as what they drink in a bar. What makes beer manly and cocktails girly?

This just leads on to why can’t people of different race all get treated the same or if people have a disability or are different in any way or the typical white British male. I mean, in my eyes, they really aren’t that great, what do they bring? Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of good men out there, but the ones that think they are trekking of the world because they are a white male, I really do not appreciate in this world.

There are so many things that are frustrating, but it is hard to define what is worth fighting for and what we know we can’t change. Trying the change people is one of the most difficult thing to do and some people can’t change, but I will tell myself now, I will bring up my future child with an open mind and not settle for societies rules. 

Just be you.


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