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Philharmonia Orchestra 🎻

An Orchestra consists of a large assemble of musical instruments playing classical music. The Philharmonia Orchestra was conducted by Juraj Valčuha.

I am not one for classical music, but new experiences and everything. Live music usually sounds amazing and I didn’t doubt this would sound great. What I expected is the older generation dressed up fancy in a big hall. And that is what there was. Despite the range of the younger audience, which there were a few, the performance was mesmerising. The first set was contrasting and I couldn’t believe how well and fast paced these musicians were. I have always wondered how they follow along with the conductor. I could not take my eyes off them. They had so much concentration.

Saying that, the next set was not my favourite. They bought out the big piano and it looked beautiful. But unfortunately, it was slightly boring for my taste. I had higher expectations considering I love the sound of pianos and I was excited for it. But I could not pay attention. I was in my own head, with all random thoughts. One being that I can’t sit still, ever.

The third set on the other hand, was surprisingly upbeat. There were trumpets and harps that made sounds you would not expect would go well together. I mean I wasn’t bored, so that was a start. I don’t know what I was expecting, I didn’t realise there was so much to see. I think I stared at every single on of the musicians on stage throughout the event. It made want to take up learning an instrument, but then I forgot how much work and effort that takes. Either way, I have so much respect for them. And we showed that by clapping for 5 minutes straight while the conductor walked on and off stage 3 times. I can’t remember the last time my hand ached from slapping my other hand. Self-inflicted pain.

I can happily say, I enjoyed the whole experience and it was a calm environment to be in. Not to say I’m not too sure if I would go back but, maybe. Just maybe.


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