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A Review: Goodbye Christopher Robin 🐻

Starring: Domhall Gleeson, Margot Robbie and Will Tilston

Directed by: Simon Curtis

Written by: Frank Cottrell Boyce and Simon Vaughan


Based on the Winnie the Pooh stories, this new movie arose of the story of the creation. I grew up with these characters in writing, pictures and on screen. I often still appreciate occasional branded item; laptop stickers and bedsheets. It’s a nice reminder of my childhood and how adorable all the animals look. Of course, as I am now an adult, everyone has to overthink and know why everything the way it is. This so happens to be the next story to be told.

I had high expectations for this, I thought it would be the most down to earth, homely movie. I think I might have expected too much and forgotten about the time period when it started. Their family was not close and they did not spend a lot of time together. It seemed like the mother was only there for the money and did not want to even be with him if he was not writing. On the other hand, she may have done that because she loved him and wanted him to succeed, but it did not seem that way. Even though the mother gave Christopher the toys, she still was a distant character.

A subtle but obvious struggle with the father, A.A Milne, was his PSTD. There are multiple flashbacks of him at war while it distracts him from his everyday life. This therefore stops him from writing which then leads on to why they moved to a new house and then bonded with his son. People say all the characters have disorders, and that might be partly because Milne had one too. It’s a small detail but explains a whole lot.

As for their son, the casting directors chose such a cute and great child. He seemed like quite a happy child, but mainly because of the maid. You could tell their wealth because of this, but also how different it was when she was gone. When Christopher grows up, all the stories effected his life. I felt so bad for him, the books were meant to make people happy and the one who made it all happen, wasn’t. And I think that is the saddest part, it didn’t even cross my mind that he would’ve struggled. It sounded like he had a pretty good life after that and it all worked out. Now we have great books that can make a lot more people happy.




I recently went to a Winnie the Pooh exhibition and I was memorised about how different the sketches were and how much they’ve evolved over the years. I definitely prefer them then, it looks so animated now. You can really appreciate the great detail that went in to every drawing in the characters, the scene and the design. I adore the imagination of the whole map where the characters explore and even small details, just like the game Poohsticks. Now that seems down to earth.

I’m quite happy they made this movie, even if it was not what I was expecting. I would give it a 6.5/10. ⭐️



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