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a cleanse

I always see people on their phones, on social media and messaging. Half the time, we don’t look around and appreciate what is actual around and in front of us, but on the screens we’re staring at. We would rather type instead of talking on the phone, using our voices. We’ve lost touch and forget a time where there were no phones and internet; a time where there was actual communication with others, face to face. We hardly write letters and put pen to paper and send them to people to tell them all our thoughts and all they’ve missed out on.


I personally don’t think I need my phone, except form emergencies. And I feel like I could live a lot of my life without it or with limited use of it. So, I have decided to go on a phone cleanse. I don’t need to keep looking at my phone or open up instagram for no particular reason. I want to be inspired by the world around me instead of watching other people. Instead of looking at fashion posts, I can see what people wear in the streets. Sometimes I feel like I’ve been born in to the wrong century, or I just dislike what the human race has become.

I am going to attempt this cleanse for as long as I can, so good luck to me. Mindfulness should be brought back and more appreciation.



Start more hobbies, do more videography and photography, get back in to drawing, work out again.




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