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propagating and growing plants πŸŒ±



day 1.

A recent obsession of mine is growing plants. Maybe it’s in my blood, or just the inspiration around me I love watching it grow. Today, me and my parents went out and bought some strawberry plants, not intentionally, but we thought it would be fun. That it is. This prompted us to grow the onions and even for my dad to go and buy onion seeds and we can see which one grows better.

From watching a looot of videos about people growing plants in their home, we used the end on a few onions, popped them in some water for a few days and they already started growing.

It looks silly but there’s no point buying a plant pot when you can use random things in your house, here’s some onions now in some soil in a milk container.




a few days later.

they started growing a few inches a day, slowly but at the same time, quicker than I thought.


aaand 2 weeks later, they’re grown and we’re cutting them to eat and letting them grow again.


it’s the growing that makes it exciting, the practicality of not having to go to the supermarket to buy them and how cheap and easy it is to have such a simple but effective system.


An short story on the strawberries; they grew, they grew flowers and even the berries came out. About the same time we cut the onions, this one started dying. I have a small inch of faith it will grow again but it’s not looking good.



any tips would be great. I’m thinking it was over-watering, over-loving? because that sounds like me.

a few of the stems are growing stronger again so I have hope.


but there we go.

there’s a first for everything. And a continuing one hopefully. You’ll see me when I’m older with a whole garden, a vegetable patch. It’ll be great 🌿

Planning to give a full update on the strawberry plant no. 2. This one hasn’t died yet and is just growing slower. We will see.


wish me luck πŸŒ±πŸ›




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