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a few things I’ve changed (conscious living) 👜


I have been trying to live a more consciously for over a year and I think I have gotten to a point where I have an idea of what is worth purchasing. So here is my update from my previous “eco-friendly changes” blog.

My thoughts still follow a less waste lifestyle and therefore only buying new things when necessary which then continues with the more eco-friendly option. So, I have been meaning to buy a metal razor since this option was surfaced, but right now, my normal plastic razor is doing a perfectly good job. Once it’s done, I will definitely purchase one.


update from March:


ways I’ve changed my lifestyle to become more eco-friendly/sustainable:

  1.  a metal water bottle
  2. wooden hairbrushes
  3. getting a canvas bag (no buying plastic carrier bags) and always having one in my bag
  4. having wooden toothbrush
  5. eating less processed food and cooking more
  6. fixing a hole in clothes instead of binning/buying new ones



things I’m going to change:

  1. getting a reusable coffee cup; I have waaay too much coffee out to not get one now
  2. buying bar shampoos and body wash
  3. having sustainable (kitchen sponges, scourer, toilet brush, cotton pads)
  4. get a metal razor
  5. ride a bike [get a bike first]
  6. compost! Grow a plant!




And now, I still have 3 water bottles now, purchased another wooden hairbrush, I have at least 2 canvas bags in my main backpack. Funny thing, I actually used a wooden toothbrush for a while but I did not take care of it, so that got binned. I’m back to my electric toothbrush which is still a better option to be fair. I still cook my meals with fresh food and I still fix my clothes (sewed a hole in my denim skirt today).


Also now, I got a reusable coffee mug! And it is one of the greatest things I’ve bought because I waited until I found one I loved and looked beautiful. I always saw people with them and they all looked similar, but I’m so glad I shopped around.

I have now purchased shampoo and body wash bars including a glass soap dish. there was never really a good time to buy this. A potential review of my experience might be written. I still live at home so my mum usually stocks up of necessities.


Pretty much all of my friends know the type of lifestyle I live, so I received a collection of shampoo, conditioner, face wash and body butter bars for my birthday. Very much, one of my favourite gifts. As another gift, I got given a kitchen sponge and a reusable cotton pad.

Word of mouth really makes more of a difference than people think! 

As I said before, I won’t purchase a metal razor until I need a new one, so soon!

To be honest, I was genuinely debating buying a bike this year this summer. A lot of considerations we taken in, including the safety of my area, especially because I finish work so late. Either way, I don’t think I will put this back on my list unless circumstances change.

And last of all, I (and the rest of my family living in the household) have started to compost! I am actually so proud that in just 6 months, so much has changed and I achieved most of the goals I said I would.

I am not going to include things I have always done and normally do which is just useful and cheaper in the household. So things like recycling, using cloths to clean, turning off lights, showering quicker/less and walking more instead of driving. There’s probably a lot more that i can’t think of right now but thankfully easily incorporated in to a daily routine, which everyone can do.

☼ updated list;

changes in my conscious living journey:


  1. a metal water bottle
  2. wooden hairbrushes
  3. getting a canvas bag (no buying plastic carrier bags) and always having one in my bag
  4. eating less processed food and cooking more
  5. fixing a hole in clothes instead of binning/buying new ones
  6. buying from charity shops/secondhand stores.
  7. using a coffee mug
  8. using body bars (hand, shampoo, conditioner, face wash, body butter)
  9. using sustainable kitchen products (sponge, scrubber)
  10. composting!
  11. metal and bamboo straws
  12. propagating plants/ fruits and veg
  13. beeswax wraps for covering and taking food
  14. metal tongue cleaner

changes I want to make:

  1. Metal razor (probably will soon!)
  2. a sustainable period (contraception to stop periods, a menstrual cup, reusable pads, period pants)
  3. buy fresh food bags for veg
  4. eating less processed food and cooking more (eating less meat/more vegan consumption)
  5. Go to refillable food places to buy dry goods. (get more glass jars for it)
  6. Try even more organic beauty products (DIY hair oil products?)
  7. DIY house cleaning products
  8. buy loose tea/coffee instead of packets (start using my teapot more); get tea diffuser


These are just a few things I do to change my lifestyle and is genuinely making me happy. The progress is more than I imagined and I love finding more ways to live a better life, save money and help the environment.



til next time 🌟






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