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Review: Before the Flood 🌱

Documentary: Before the Flood (2016)

Starring: Leonardo DiCaprio

Director: Fisher Stevens

Writer: Mark Monroe


I’ve been meaning to watch this documentary for quite a while now. What further pushed me to watch it, was my Television Documentary module at University. It was pretty much research, which is what I told myself. But it did count! Another reason is because of Leonardo DiCaprio. I wasn’t expecting him to be producing a project like this, but then again, they can do anything else.

Leonardo starts off by telling a story about himself. This immediately becomes more of a personal story of how he discovered climate change. He mentions how he didn’t grow up around nature at all as he was from LA. He was interested in different animals since he was very young. It shows that you don’t have to be around nature to be aware and want to help it.

It’s now apparent that the things that help us get around everyday are basically helping destroy the planet; and that’s really scary. But because we have started with these things and carried on using them, no one wants to change their way of doing things.

Transportation, the way we produce our food, and pretty much everything we do, releases carbon dioxide which leads climate change. It’s happening right now all around us, and most people aren’t even aware of it because they can’t see it happening right in front of them. This is why I’m glad more and more people are making and filming all of this so everyone is informed and can make bigger changes to help the planet we live on. And just like him, I want to help stop it.

With the amount of influence DiCaprio has over people as a popular actor and public figure, it’s worth using his influence to spread the word about this issue. Others who don’t have as much of an impact, don’t have the access to resources that he has. He even spoke to the President of the USA, gave speeches at the UN and did press conferences to raise awareness. And he is travelling around the world to show all of it to us. But of course, not everyone can do this. I would absolutely love to, but of course I don’t have the funds.

A major example of the result of climate change is in Florida. The streets started flooding and instead of helping the problem, they raised the roads to prevent it and will only last 40-50years. But clearly, not everyone agrees that climate change exists, or that we should do anything about it, which is why this all continues. But where do they think the rising sea levels are coming from?

An interview he did with a scientist showed that there was clear evidence of climate change. He got abuse and death threats because people didn’t believe him, because they’re too stubborn and scared to accept the truth. But another reason why people aren’t changing is because of business – businesses make more profit if they use cheaper ways of production, and fossil fuels are cheap, so the rejection of fossil fuels makes it harder to make money and obviously businesses don’t want that. And it’s hard to solve problems when majority of the congress because ‘it’s controlled by fossil fuel funded climate change deniers’. So if the wealthy people who make their money off using fossil fuels reject the idea, it makes it harder to make bigger changes. This is why everyone else has to start making a difference to show that more people care and want to do something about it!



As the population grows around the world, the problem gets bigger, and harder to control. It’s horrifying seeing people in China who are severely affected by pollution in their everyday life – Beijing is the number 1 polluter in the world. But a great deal of people are aware of the effects on their health and protest to help their country change. Thankfully, the government agreed and have made changes such as changing their plan for renewable energy, as well as having the biggest solar and wind companies. You can see the progress that is being made here. And if such a big country is transitioning, then surely so can all the others. On the other hand, they had to see people suffer before the even acted, which just shows we need to sort it out before it gets to that point.

‘You give people the data, you empower the people…’ This couldn’t be more true. The more you know about these issues, the more people are going to act and spread the word. The media are a big influence on people and we should use that to our advantage.

Leonardo travels to Delhi, India. As this is a less developed country, and could they be just as successful in changes? 3 million people in India don’t even have energy, but even if they did saving it wouldn’t be their biggest concern. They are more focused on making a living without electricity.

Sunita Narain talks about the future and if we have the problems now, we will have them in the future. It is quite funny how she blames the Americans for these problems and even shows the data. She is so passionate about this issue and it’s a shame that they have the major impacts of climate change unlike the USA. They have been the biggest emitter of green house gases in history and they have benefited from it – but imagine what has been sacrificed for that.

There are places around the world where people’s homes are being lost because of the water levels rising and we’re losing phenomenal natural wonders such as coral reefs. Reefs are going to disappear in the next decade. Coral reefs are so beautiful and losing them is such a shame, and I’m sure if more people knew that they wouldn’t see some great wonders of the world because of how we live our lives, then a big change could be made.

Products are a big part of the cause for climate change. The ingredients we use everyday are slowly destroying the planet from the way they are made. Palm oil is in so many products, mostly food and cosmetics, and while it is cheap to use it results in so much deforestation. This is such a simple thing that we can change – we could just move on to natural products that don’t damage the forests. It’s a small change that could make a massive positive impact. Many animals lived in these areas but don’t anymore because of the forest loss.

Beef is another big problem that people don’t really think about. When people promote not consuming this meat, it is usually always associated with veganism and not wanting to harm animals. But it’s so much more than that. Cows produce methane which is a powerful green house gas, from burps and gases they release, but as we mass-produce cows for our consumption these gases increase. For example, one 1/2lb beef burger is equivalent to 200 hrs of using a 60w lightbulb, which is crazy. Think about it – not eating 1 beef burger will help the environment.

Talking more about the impacts of the environment; snow is slowly becoming rare. When I was younger, there was so much snow and I was excited for the winter to come, mainly for the foot deep snow. Now, it hasn’t snowed in 2 years and even then it barely settled. And it’s sad to think that we’re not going to see much of it anymore.


It is even more of an astonishment because it’s so precious. When Leonardo mentions how in the future, he thinks about how his children won’t be able to see the things we have seen because most of it will be different and that’s the tragic reality. And that’s going to be the same for the rest of us. I want my kids to see the snow and have other potential memories. I want people to see this from Leonardo’s perspective where we need to think about future generations and how much our motions effect them.

I’m not 100% sure on how I feel about carbon tax. I think that even if they stop buying certain things, they need a push to buy the products that are good for the economy. Or they could just bulk buy products, or just continue to by the products and pay the amount. Either way, it still seems like a small change that might not have a big effect.

Scandinavian countries are doing so well when it comes to sustainable energy. I’m slightly jealous of how well they live. I’m sure it’s against the law to not recycle in some countries. We need laws like this. Laws which stop everyone from doing anything that further damages the environment.

I got a little emotional when the girl started talking about her island in the Martial Islands – Imagine getting told that your home is going to disappear by the time you get old. And imagine that you are part of that reason someone is loosing their home.

OBAMA! My heart dropped when he came on screen. It makes me so happy that he is so positive and agrees that science that is happening. People listen to Obama, he’s an inspiration to so many and this is why I’m so glad he was part of this. He mentions what DiCaprio did earlier on, about their children not being able to see what they saw. They’re similar in so many ways and maybe it’s that generation who have kids that start to think about their children’s future, who start to care a bit more about the environment and think about who it will effect others. However, now we have Trump…

The fact that he actually met the Pope is surreal. And the Pope cares so much, and it is adorable. There are a lot of people around the world that care about this issue but it takes real strength to spread the word and actually do something about it. You really start to feel for all the people impacted. And as said before, more knowledge, more power. And that’s what I’m trying to do. This documentary sparked my idea for my dissertation; which will hopefully promote this. I realised that this documentary is about a year old, but I still recommend people to watch it.

So, save the world, Before the Flood.


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Kingsman: The Golden Circle (2017) Review [Spoilers!]

Movie: Kingsman: The Golden Circle (2017)

Starring: Taron Egerton, Colin Firth with Julianne Moore and Halle Berry

Screenplay: Matthew Vaughn

Genre: Action/Adventure


Kingsman: The Golden Circle is the sequel to the movie Kingsman: The Secret Service (2014) which was based on a comic released. This series is based on a organisation called Kingsman who basically save the world from villians. This is very much comic book material and you can tell from the plot itself. The main character, Eggsy, is found in some trouble and calls for help from someone who worked with his father before he died. Turns out, his dad worked with Kingsman which starts a new life for Eggsy. He continues to impress us with how diverse and unique he is, just like his father. He then finally becomes a Kingsman by saving the world, even though he got kicked out.

During the sequel, he continues to work for Kingsman and the plot thickens while some crazy drug dealer [Julianne Moore] tries to destroy them all. Personally, I’m not the biggest fan of the plot. I don’t understand why they would think that drugs is a good base for it. ALSO, of course they had to kill majority of the characters off?! The point of it was that it is different from superhero movies and the hero dies and isn’t meant to come back to life. Majority of people who I’ve spoken to and read from, are very shocked that they actually bought Colin Firth back. They really did not have to do that and add a random method of why he came back to life. It felt like they couldn’t think of any other reason for him to come back so they made a serum that brings everyone back to life from the dead. Which is completely ridiculous.

Additionally to that, there were plenty of unnecessary characters including, Channing Tatum (who was only in the movie for about 2/3 scenes) and Whiskey (who was a double agent). These plots were random and just seemed like they wanted to add more to the story when it wasn’t needed.

In contrast, Eggsy [Taron Egerton] was amazing still. He did a great job in my opinion, just like in the first movie. And not to mention, he still looks great in a suit! He still has the heartfelt, caring personality and a determined to save the world attitude. A part that was a bit odd, was Eggsys’ girlfriend, who was the princess he saved from the first one. I was slightly shocked when I was watching this and entirely confused. I grew on the relationship after a while. But then there was a scene where he was with another girl and that was uncomfortable and it dragged on for some weird reason. It felt like he didn’t even feel comfortable in that scene let alone the audience watching.

The meeting with an american partnership was not the worst idea and they could have made it work a lot better. Halle Berrys role was very small and could have been larger. It seemed like she was just shoved in the movie just for the views. But she did a great job and I still love her.

Overall, I would not watch it again or recommend it to anyone really. Unless they’ve seen the first one and want to see how bad it was. But I do enjoy Matthew Vaughn’s movies but definitely not this one. Hopefully he will create something a bit better than this!




Despicable Me 3 Review :)

Usually, I would not go to the cinema to see something that I’m not too interested in, but we were bored. It happened to be a great idea and overall, I really enjoyed it! I can’t believe how much I laughed out loud about it. I don’t think I’ve done that in a cinema in quite a long time. So, pleasantly surprised.

As this is the 3rd film in the series, and I have seen the other ones, I didn’t know what to expect. Usually, with film series and especially with animations, they aren’t always the best. One story line is ideal and the secondhand story never goes too well. But for some reason, these are lovable and adorable. I think this is especially because of the minions. These little creatures are tiny are have their own language which have a new language just for them. This makes them so much more attracting to the audience. Personally, I find them so cute and funny as well as many others. Also, I’m 20, and I still enjoy it. Let alone all the children, and adults that enjoy it. Just goes to show how well this animation is doing.

I’m sure that they’ll carry on making more and people will continue to laugh and enjoy Gru and his little family. I certainly will. 🙂



‘A Clockwork Orange’ Review

A Clockwork Orange is a crime/sci-fi movie which was made from the book. This was directed by Stanley Kubrick.

This movie has been on my to-watch list for quite some time now. I was intrigued as there were so many reviews. Also, another reason why I wanted to watch it so much, is that it was mentioned in One Tree Hill, which is everything to me. A film maker in the show loved the movie and since then, I wanted to see it.

My first impression what just shocking. I was so confused. I feel like I would have been even more confused if my friend was not there to explain things throughout. There were a lot of odd scenes which I just did not understand why they were in there and necessary. But I guess it just all tells the story. I think the casting was great and Malcolm McDowell performed great. He betrayed the character so well, no matter how creepy and odd it was.

After watching this, I was reading through some reviews and why it was actually called the clockwork orange. I had no idea during the actual movie. So, the basic concept is that in the movie, they have their own sort of language which was cleverly scripted. And in this, the word ‘Orange’, means ‘Man’. So it is the Clockwork Man. This is what Alex in the film is which shows his personality. I thought this was so eye opening and creative.

Others also mentioned that they also did not enjoy it that much when they first watched it. After they watched it a second time or more, they loved it and understood it all so much more. So I feel like if I watch it again, I would probably enjoy it a lot more. But I still wanted to write this first review before doing that.

Good luck to me watching this again soon, haha 🙂