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becoming more eco friendly 🌿🌱

this has been a goal for quite a while now and being more eco friendly consists of not just switching out things in your life, but also not wasting what you already have. This means using everything I have til it has no more use for me so then when I make a new purchase, it is sustainable and preferably vegan too.

I have realised how many little things I could change in my every day life that I wouldn’t even think of! An example being shampoo and shower gel bottles. I’m going to invest in bar shampoos with a reusable metal container, and see how well that treats my hair, I’ll give an update soon.

I watched a documentary about where clothes come from and instead of me talking about eco-friendly, it should be about having more of a sustainable lifestyle. Most of the clothes we wear are from third world counties who get paid less than 20p a month and work in poor conditions. it’s not something we think about but now every-time I go in to shop and see something made from Bangladesh or China and is not sustainable, my heart sinks. I started shopping on Depop and charity shops about a year ago but that was just occasionally. It will start becoming more of a habit for me I think from now on.




ways I’ve changed my lifestyle to become more eco-friendly/sustainable:

  1.  a metal water bottle
  2. wooden hairbrushes
  3. getting a canvas bag (no buying plastic carrier bags) and always having one in my bag
  4. having  wooden toothbrush
  5. eating less processed food and cooking more
  6. fixing a hole in clothes instead of binning/buying new ones



things I’m going to change:

  1. getting a reusable coffee cup; I have waaay too much coffee out to not get one now
  2. buying bar shampoos and body wash
  3. having sustainable (kitchen sponges, scourer, toilet brush, cotton pads)
  4. get a metal razor
  5. ride a bike [get a bike first]
  6. compost! Grow a plant!







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